Mirror mirror… you need an eye specialist

A little surprise from Hollywood: the movie Snow White and the Hunter is not just disgusting, it’s actually quite passable.

We can not certainly say it is a masterpiece, but it is a work that is seen with pleasure.
We would say that the attempt to penetrate the inner meaning of the ancient tale is somewhat successful, although at a superficial level and easily understandable even to a not warned public audience.

There remains the mystery of how Hollywood needs to build an imaginary Middle Ages, when it is absent from American history.

The second mystery, which will trouble the minds of viewers, is how can we think that although nice Kirsten Stewart can match the beauty of Charlize Theron, beautiful evil queen.


Italia Und Germania

Two girls in a picture. The blonde gets the hand of the other, sought her friendship. The brunette seems undecided, as if she did not trust the other.

German painter Friederick Overbeck painted the picture in 1811. He was a sincere admirer of Italy, but he understood how the relationship between the two countries was complicated.

Many years before, a man named Arminius betrayed the trust of Italy. She had shared with him her treasures, had made him like his own children, but he betrayed her trust so horrible, condemning his brothers in the dark for centuries.

From that day, Europe is divided in two by an impassable boundary, despite the barriers seem to fall now. Two different ways of living they face every day, trying to become one over the other.

Germans some time trying to impose their  hegemony, first with the force now with the money, but always they are rejected and mocked.
Theycould crush the tiny Greece, the little Mother of all us, but there is nothing against the great Italy. Even when all seems lost Italians raised, they cling to their immeasurable pride and “gathered in cohorts”, destroy the enemy without mercy. Only on a soccer field now, but defeats are equally painful.

The Italians are Italians, they like the way they live and do not want change it. They will be Italians forever.

Italy is the most beautiful nightmare that Mrs Merkel will ever have.

Stand on the shoulder of the giant

We never know who first uttered the motto. John of Salsbury said that Bernard of Chartres said that his contemporaries were dwarves on the shoulders of a giant, so they could see farther, but probably he had learned from his teacher.

What we do know is that ever since Europe has a crisis, it rises again looking for their roots. From those it can find the nourishment necessary to revive and flourish again.

Aristotle and his works has been the cornerstone on which the entire European civilization was built.

He is the father of logic that gave rise to modern science and he is in charge of our knowledge that built the giant on whose shoulders modern man can sit and look farther.

But to build this magnificent edifice would not do all the learning of Aristotle, to act as if cement mortar is not acting the teaching of Plato, the old teacher of Aristotle, the Philosopher by designation.

If in fact the Aristotelianism was spreading across the continent, under trak the neo Platonism worked its balancing action, teaching the way to the truth and beauty.

Neoplatonism was flashed that the flame of Florence the Magnificent, the most vivid light of civilization, unmatched for centuries.

It turned the vigor and vitality of these men to the creation of beautiful things and the pursuit of truth.

So the Lord himself was a poet and philosopher, something incomprehensible to a modern politician ( perhaps he can play a rap, at most).

Shining star that with your rays

Take up the light to the neighbors,

Why you shine more than you owe?

Why you want to compete with the sun?

Perhaps of your beautiful eyes,

That the cruel death stole us,

You get they, adorned of their light,

To Phebo his wagon you can ask.

This new star that you are now

Honor the splendor of the sky,

Evoked thou hearest our prayers

Don’t show your beauty so

To our eyes that already

So much wept for you

Hellas Pride


It is not a good thing to compare political and economic events with sports, but it is today done by many news papers, even the most authoritative, so it is now impossible to ignore the football game, valid for the championship of Europe, that Germany and Greece are going to play tonight.

As in a well thought out novel, the European Cup will now compare the teams of the great, rich and powerful Germany and that of the small and poor Greece, almost bankrupted, but while the Berlin government requires to Athens the economic and financial measures , it can do nothing about the choices of the Hellenic football team. The victory will go to the best and 23 Greek boys will challenge the great, cosmopolitan Germany, putting the pot all the pride of their ancestral heritage.

However, the playing field seems to take almost a mockery of the political and economic. Today the european newspapers are surprised because the  “Garlic Belt” (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece) have the second round of the championship, in contrast to the economic and financial issues.

But the countries of this side of the frozen Rhine are proud and do not give way so easily and try to get their moral revenge against the superpower Germanic.

The forgotten and neglected little mother Hellas will now star once again and show the world what it means to have a tradition and a long history.

The forgotten and neglected little mother Hellas will now star once again and show the world what it means to have a tradition and a long history behind their backs, build a solid foundation for building the future.

Roger (Raaga) Garaudy: profession extremist


Roger Garaudy is not an isolated example in the cultural life of our decadent Europe.
He was just one of many intellectuals who founded his fortune embracing the most diverse ideologies, always marking their actions with the figure of the toughest extremism.

The transition from the Catholicism to the Protestantism of the philosopher, and then to the Stalinist Communism and finally Islam is nothing but the constant quest to be on the crest of the wave of current history, regardless of how ridiculous some claims may be.

Just one question may arise in front the success of people like Garoudy: who is stupid enough to give confidence to such a person?
Unfortunately, many are willing to follow the most inane theories, but to give meaning to their pointless lives, without even realizing that they are only tools for personal affirmation of unscrupulous people.



Bissula was born beyond the frozen Rhine

She has seen the headwaters of the Danube.

Enslaved but freed by his master,

For which she was prey of war.

Without the mother, he needed a nurse,

So she never knew the rule of a mistress,

She has not shared the misfortune of her country,

Because  I loosed my slave.

Despite she learned the Latin ways, Germanic remained.

So lovable, with the blue eyes and the golden hairs.

The language defines her one and her look another,

She speaks latin,  but with the flow of the Rhine.

Delight, endearment, play, love, pleasure,

She, the barbarian, excels on all the Latium’s coquettes,

Bissula, a name a bit ‘rough for such a loving girl,

A little gross to the ignorants, but pleasant for her lord.

The Shield

Someone among the Sai boasts about my shield,

– Glorious weapon-  I left near a bush, involuntarily.

That shield, what do I care?

But I saved my life.

Go to hell. I will buy another one, no less beautiful.

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